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    Suzhou Zhisheng Technology Ltd.,Co.



    Suzhou Zhisheng Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou, China. The company has a group of professional R&D and design team. With the advantages of processing technology, equipment, talents and experience, it independently develops and produces various photovoltaic cell production testing equipment, photovoltaic power plant testing equipment, customized machine vision equipment used in the automotive industry and 3C field, etc. It is a set-up. Design, R&D, production and sales as one of the scientific and technological innovation companies.







    Suzhou Zhisheng Technology Co., Ltd. has many senior experts engaged in photovoltaic detection field, and personnel engaged in the detection field of mobile phone manufacturing industry, with rich experience.





    Technology comes from innovation. Suzhou Zhisheng Science and Technology is based on continuous innovation to improve industry testing technology, solve industry pain points, and further improve the quality of production process.







    Our products follow the advanced production process at home and abroad, design more humane, friendly interface, comfortable and reasonable operation. With the most modern technological strength to create the most competitive products in the market. The pursuit of excellence and innovation is the development principle of Suzhou Zhisheng.





    On the premise of satisfying customers'needs, we try our best to satisfy customers' problems in production testing, and provide 24h technical support and services to ensure customers'continuous production without stopping the line.



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    TEL:+86 18901557253

    ADD.:NO. 1188 Chang an Road,Wujiang District,Suzhou   


    Main Products:EL tester    EL detector    Portable EL tester    Portable EL detector 

    Solar PV portable EL tester




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