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    Suzhou Zhisheng Technology Ltd.,Co.


    Development of Machine Vision Project and Non-standard Testing Machine

    Product details

        In modern industrial automation production, it involves various inspection, measurement and parts identification applications, such as automotive parts size inspection and automatic assembly integrity inspection, electronic assembly line components automatic positioning, beverage bottle cap printing quality inspection, product packaging bar code and character recognition, etc. The common feature of this kind of application is continuous mass production and high requirement for appearance quality.

        By using visual cameras and special light sources, Suzhou Zhisheng Technology integrates non-standard automation equipment for product defect detection in various industries. Through the recognition and recognition of this visual technology, it completes the detection items that can not be continuously and steadily carried out by the naked eye, such as accurate and rapid measurement of micro-size, shape matching and color recognition.

        With the intensification of industry competition, the control of product quality has not allowed even 0.1% defects. It is necessary to ensure 100% inspection pass rate (i.e. "zero defects") to ensure the sustained and stable growth of performance. So visual inspection technology plays a very important role in controlling product quality and ensuring product quality.

     After the tablets are packaged, the integrity of the tablets is checked.


    Bearing Ball Defect Detection


     Visual localization






           Foreign bodies in photovoltaic cells               Cell positioning

    Development of Machine Vision Project and Non-standard Testing Machine
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